Registration can be done by students or teachers, collectively or individually. The teams should consist of 6 elements (preferably 1 teacher and 5 students). Elements which enroll individually will later be included in a team made by the event organizers.

Participating students should be students of Politécnico de Leiria. To enroll as a team, we recommend students to be from two different schools within the institution. The team may include one external element invited by the teacher which is part of the team.

This event aims to encourage participants to present innovative solutions which will improve the life quality of students and the entire Academic community of Politécnico de Leiria.

There are no registration fees and all expenses, including meals, will be covered by the event organization during the 24h of the event.


If you’re not part of a team, you can register individually. There are no registration fees.


Teams can be formed by initiative of the teacher or student. They should consist of 5 students. There are no registration fees.


Since this is a public event, we wish to inform you that photos involving the participants, individually or as a group, may be taken and posted on social networks or social media. This may be done for informative, scientific and educational purposes, for communication within the academic community, within the school’s context, and as a part of Politécnico de Leiria’s archive. For more information, check the privacy policy on